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At, the TRUTH is the top priority. The truth has no concern with what is popular or politically correct, it is concerned only about that which is true. The TRUTH is expensive, it invites ridicule and costs us friends. Sometimes it costs one's life, we pay the price, but do not count the cost, because the TRUTH is the mighty power which sets us free.


All of us have been told many lies by the media and so-called alternative media.       

In researching for the truth, I've been forced to relinquish many dearly held beliefs. Each lie exposed a betrayal, whose pain cuts deep, but the consequences of remaining uninformed are far more painful.  

The Great Covid Reset initiated the age of the Medical Inquisition. Evil uses codes to lie. The medical industry is founded upon coded language which separates the medical corps from all the rest of us. Within the separation,  horrifying deceptions are at work.


"This book is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the current state of our quickly changing world and the actions of the powerful groups that shape it. It offers a deep dive into the history and actions of a highly- confidential militia operating from within Vatican City, a sect within the Jesuit Order, who call themselves The Society of Jesus. The author explores their role in orchestrating the American Revolutionary and Civil Wars and their infiltration of political, educational, scientific, and medical systems up into their very highest positions of power. This backstory provides crucial historical context that helps readers understand the militia’s current actions and goals in orchestrating the Great Covid Re-Set.

The author provides a detailed look at how the Great Re-Set is being implemented on a global scale. The reader discovers how past and current events combine, unfolding onto the world stage right before our eyes. A powerful wake-up call, informing us that if human rights, sovereignty, dignity and liberty are to survive; massive non-compliance to The Great Re-Set will be required. The book is not just a whistle-blowing expose, it also explores many insightful strategies for overcoming the totalitarian agenda of the Great Covid Re-Set."

Several chapters focus on insightful and practical strategies for defending against the impending tyrannical mandates and legislation. It is written for everyone, regardless of religion or political ideology.

The author includes links to contemporary music and lyrics to illustrate his points and highlight the urgency of the issue, a unique and effective way to convey the gravity of the increasingly horrifying consequences of the Great Covid Re-Set.”
Benjamin Nettleton



“Exposing Our World’s Most Deceptive Liars” is a trilogy of exposes which brings the enemies of humanity out of their deceiving misrepresentations and into the light of truth. The series teaches the reader how to identify the highly sophisticated and deceptive ways in which they are being lied to, enabling the reader to see the world thru new eyes. The ability to perceive their various means of deception, empower the reader to see thru their lying schemes. No longer vulnerable to their manipulative orchestrations, one becomes liberated from the lies and the fears those lies are designed to produce.

The 1st book in the series, “Exposing the Truth Behind the Great Covid Re-Set”, now available, addresses the primary issue humanity faces in the 21st century and exposes the people behind the greatest transfer of wealth in history as well as the greatest violation of human rights in nearly a century. The book compiles irrefutable evidence proving the enemies of humanity are hiding behind the thick walls enclosing our world’s tiniest country: Vatican City. Furthermore, the think-tank operating out of the world’s greatest library, the Vatican Library, has been orchestrating the evils inflicted upon our world for at least 500 years.

More than a whistle-blowing expose of epic proportion, the book also explores many strategies for nullifying the effects of their totalitarian regime doctrines and means of becoming liberated from their un-elected and thereby invalid authority. Their false authority is wholly dependent upon their mastery in the arts of deception to manufacture fear. This book thoroughly dismantles their deceptions and the fears upon which their illegitimate power depends.  The Covid Vaccine Died Suddenly phenomena is exposed and its primary culprit of synthesized King Cobra snake venom is revealed.

The impending 2nd book in the series, “Exposing More of Our Amazing History” is a deeply empowering book which exposes the false narratives used to lie to us about our history. How the falsification of science is being used to justify a tyrannical Medical Inquisition whose primary purpose is to abolish fundamental human rights.What is revealed will restore even the greatest cynic's faith in humanity. Our glorious and noble past has been censored and deeply hidden in what the propagandist and history liars have labeled the “Dark Ages”. The truth is humanity lived in harmony in a unified consciousness, the evidence for this is in the same sacred geometries found in the architecture of hundreds of ruins found all over the world. Many of these magnificent constructions such as Machu Picchu, Easter Island, etc.. are far beyond our current technological abilities and remain one of the greatest mysteries in our world.

The upcoming 3rd book in the trilogy, “Exposing Our World’s Most Amazing People” continues the work of restoring faith in humankind and empowering our lives. Through the inspiration of people who have transcended the imposed boundaries we are being subjected to. Each one of us can break free of the various imposed shackles to live our lives in the glorious freedoms found in the truth.


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Thank you for your courage in taking a stand for the truth.

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