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Exposing the Truth Behind the Great Covid Re-Set reveals the highly sophisticated multi-dimensional propaganda campaign being used to deceive We the People. The deceptions are orchestrated in a manner in which scientific, medical, military, political, religious, education, entertainment, sports, high-technology, artificial intelligence, etc. industries are all being used in concert to reinforce the multitude of lies inflicted upon us by a completely corrupt main stream media. A media industry whose power and sphere of influence dominates and manipulates consciousness across the entire planet.

What? How? Why? Who? – Who? They cannot be understood without learning of their outrageous history, the enemy of humankind, The Cancer of Our World – The Jesuit Order. Founded in 1540 by the papal bull issued by Pope Paul III. A history which has been painstakingly hidden from us and replaced by the false narratives taught to us in Jesuit written history textbooks. Their true history is so integral to the Great Covid Re-Set of the 21st century, that without understanding the true Jesuit history; one cannot understand today’s world of chaotic turmoil, which they have created and control.

How? – Their mastery of the arts of deception is their primary weapon, evil does not wear devil horns, it brilliantly hides behind the papal crown and pompous robes of the Roman Catholic Church, whose reach covers the entire span of the developed world. Famous for its global pedophile rings, child trafficking is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the evil it inflicts. Evil committed hiding behind the name of God.

A tiny segment of the church, the militia of the Roman church who call themselves The Society of Jesus is comprised of a highly confidential and complex spy network which has infiltrated each of the industries listed above; to its very highest level. They appear to us as Presidents, Governors, Senators, Ambassadors, C.E.O.’s, the captains of commerce and so forth, but these appearances hide their true allegiances to Rome. They receive their orders from the think - tank residing behind the thick walls which enclose the world’s tiniest, yet most powerful country; Vatican City. Abiding in the world’s greatest library, the evil in our world is planned, often decades in advance of being unleashed.

Why? – The Great Covid Re-Set is presented as a defect of nature, a lethal virus infused contagion contaminating our world, breeding pandemics which threaten our lives. It presents itself as the solution, with its new scientific, medical, social, environmental, economic etc. policies being imposed upon We the People for our own safety and well-being. These policies are deceptions and distractions away from the truth. The Society of Jesus enacts evil, foments and funds wars, enacts genocides of peoples, tribes and cultures, etc. all in the name of spiritual warfare; a subject they have gone to great lengths to keep the world ignorant of. The why, simply stated is the ongoing great controversy of this world; good vs evil.

Humanity must acknowledge a short-coming; namely that “ We do not know what we do not know”, if we are to liberate ourselves from the horrifying web they weave. The book serves as a manual for the development of critical thinking skills and identifying the techniques used in their deceptions. This skill is highly empowering and allows one to perceive the big picture with clarity. The daily news-feed will be seen as the propaganda campaign that it is, their lies and fear tactics clearly seen thru.

This expose not only reveals the who, how and why’s of the perpetrators of evil in our world, but also explores healing, social, economic strategies for becoming liberated from their human rights abuses and increasingly tyrannical and totalitarian doctrines.

Exposing the Truth Behind the Great Covid Reset


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